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Personal Possessions Cover

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Personal Possessions Cover

Personal Possessions cover is an optional extra added to contents insurance. This cover is for your contents that you take away from the home if they are damaged, stolen or lost like mobile phones, watches, jewellery or camera's for example.

Personal Possessions Cover Limit

Most insurers will either have a specified amount like £2500 and others will start at £2000 and increase on a sliding scale depending on what you need.

Personal possessions needs consideration while you are deciding the level of cover you need for your general contents insurance. You don't want to under insure items that you take away from the home but at the same time, you don't want to be paying for cover that you don't need. Jewellery/watches are a prime example. Whilst you may have 2 or 3 watches, it is unlikely that you will be taking all 3 out of the home at the same time. Therefore, if you calculate the most expensive item in your sums you should have sufficient cover for a cheaper premium.

Sometimes the insurance company will need individual pedal cycles itemised or it will have a cover limit for certain items unless they are specified as high value items.

Personal Possessions High Value Items

You may have a very expensive engagement ring or watch or just one or two items that you would like insured. You can either insure them individually or check the terms and conditions for cover limits to see if they would be protected cheaper in the options personal possessions cover.

Reading individual home insurance terms and conditions, calculating premiums, policy excesses etc can be very time consuming which is why we suggest speaking to us so we can do all for you.

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