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Impartial Mortgage & Protection Ltd (Mortgages) FAQ's


Use our Free Mortgage Calculator and Researching tools to find the best mortgages or let us advise and recommend the best mortgages for you. We have Hundred's of existing long term satisfies customers.

We recommend you use these as a guide only as we feel that mortgages should be advised by someone Independent and Impartial.

The best mortgage deals below are updated daily so contain the most up to date information available.

We advise and recommend on a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market.

Impartial Mortgage & Protection Ltd - Mortgages

Who are Impartial Mortgage & Protection Ltd and what can Impartial do for me?

Impartial Mortgage & Protection Ltd is an independent mortgage broker and recommend mortgages across the market. Impartial do not normally charge mortgage broker fees as we are paid to introduce business by most mortgage. However this will be dependent on your circumstances. If a fee is charged our typical fee is £200.

  • Help with researching and advising the best mortgage deal for you
  • Easy mortgage application process: we will complete the paperwork or on-line application for you and follow this through to completion with our chasing service.
  • Access to exclusive mortgages that are not always available to the general public

Does Impartial Mortgage & Protection Ltd charge fees for mortgage advice?

We do not normally charge a fee for mortgage advice, however this will be dependent on your circumstances. If a fee is charged our typical fee is £200 for mortgages below £100,000. This is payable on application. If your mortgage is above £100,000 will not normally charge a fee.

Do you arrange mortgages on-line or via home visits?

In a word, both. Our roots go back to home service so we are more than happy to see customers at home or in their workplace. Impartial are however based in Hampshire so we are a little restricted with home visits to the South of England. We do however have customers spread all over the UK and sometimes we will visit them as and when requested by special appointment only.

We are also more than happy to deal direct over the phone or on-line. Sometimes this can make the whole application process quicker. There is ofcourse less traveling and cost involved for us. Doing business direct doesn't change the way we deal with our customers. We treat everyone as we would like to be treated, whether this is in person or direct.

Keeping you informed

Our job doesn't stop after the mortgage application has been submitted. We will follow the mortgage through to completion and keep you updated during the whole process. This means that we will often work for you with Estate Agents, Solicitors and the mortgage lenders.

What mortgages do you arrange?

Impartial arranges pretty much all mortgages with Equity Release being the only exception. We can however recommend a good company that can arrange this type of mortgage or advise you of your options.

What other services does Impartial provide?

Impartial Mortgage & Protection Ltd are not just an independent mortgage broker. We also advise and arrange nearly all the insurances associated with the home moving, remortgage and buying process. We are not tied to any one lender or provider so are unbiased and impartial which is how we intend to stay.

Other services:

Life Insurance (Specialist)
Income Protection
Home Insurance
Landlord's Insurance
Credit Reports

Home Mover Services

Conveyancing Quote
Energy Report EPC
Removals & Storage

We understand that taking out a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you will take in your lifetime. There are hundreds of mortgage deals available on a daily basis. Different rates, features and flexible options. Some with high fees and some with little or no fees at all.

It's fair to say that trying to find the best mortgage deal, taking all the above into account can be a difficult process.

Impartial Mortgage & Protection Ltd take the time to understand your personal circumstances and needs and advise the best mortgage deal for you.

We are a National Mortgage Broker who treats every customer how they would like to be treated.


Some of the products and services shown are not or may not be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

*We do not normally charge a fee for mortgage advice, however this will be dependent on your circumstances. If a fee is charged our typical fee is £200.

Impartial Mortgage & Protection Ltd is an Appointed Representative of The Right Mortgage Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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