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Moving House


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Moving House

Moving house can be a daunting time for both home movers and first time buyers. Before you start looking at new houses we recommend you do a little financial house keeping. Most people Moving house speak to an expert. This may be someone on-line, your local bank or a mortgage broker. We recommend speaking to an independent mortgage broker like Impartial rather than your local bank. This is because the local bank can normally only discuss the mortgage products that the bank provides rather than giving impartial mortgage advise. One final note with regards to mortgage brokers, check if there are any fees up front. Some brokers charge fees, others receive commission from the lender and a large number of mortgage brokers do both! We do not normally charge a fee for mortgage advice, however this will be dependent on your circumstances. If a fee is charged our typical fee is £200 for mortgages below £100,000. This is payable on application. If your mortgage is above £100,000 will not normally charge a fee.

In the main, when Moving house, applicants will fall into one of 4 categories. Cash buyers, first time buyers, porting movers, remortgage. Cash buyers are unlikely to need mortgage advice so we haven't covered them here. First time buyers and remortgages have their own sections, please see the relevant sections.

Porting a mortgage

Many are portable. When you are Moving house and take your existing mortgage with you to the new property, this is called 'porting'. Porting a mortgage is often the best option when you have an existing fixed mortgage rate for example. Mortgage interest rates, may have increased since you arranged the loan or you may have significant redemption penalties if you redeemed IE repay your mortgage when you move house. When you are Moving house and porting a mortgage a lender classes you as a new borrower for mortgage lending purposes. This means that an applicant needs to satisfy the same mortgage lending criteria that anyone applying for a new mortgage would. Therefore, if the applicant's circumstances have changed then mortgage lender may not approve the porting. Someone that has changed jobs with a reduced income or moved from employed to self-employed for example. Furthermore the maximum loan to value that the existing mortgage loan was agreed on will sometimes still apply. IE if the maximum loan to value on the existing mortgage was 75% then this may apply when porting a mortgage.

We have arranged many mortgages to be ported and this porting a mortgage is quite common. It is worth noting the potential pitfalls and finding out if you are able to port your mortgage before you go down the road of making an offer on a new home.

Moving house - unable to port your mortgage

If your mortgage lender will not allow you to port your mortgage, you will wither have to repay the mortgage, along with any early redemption charges specified in the original mortgage contract when you sell, and arrange a new mortgage on the purchase. The only other alternative would be to cancel the move.

Moving house with no existing redemption penalties

If you are fortunate enough to have no redemption penalties with your existing mortgage, Moving house can give you more options. You are then free to shop around for the best mortgage deal, ideally through an independent mortgage broker like Impartial.

Moving House & Home Mover Services

We have home mover services area devoted to things you will need to think about or arrange when Moving house. Please feel free to browse.

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*We do not normally charge a fee for mortgage advice, however this will be dependent on your circumstances. If a fee is charged our typical fee is £200.

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